Friday, June 22, 2007

Roadtrip arguement #1

Location: 1.2 miles from home, at the start of a two day car trip to Utah. My husband was driving my car and pulls into a gas station.

Him: Which side is the gas tank on again?

Me: My side

Him: My side?

Me: No, my side.

Him: [Pulling into the driver's side] But I thought it was on the opposite side of my car?

Me: It is, it's on my side.

Him: [a bit frustrated now, having to move the car] Well, you need to be clear, that it's on that side.

I realize now he's thinking when I say "my side" I mean the driver's side, since it's my car.

Me: I thought when I said "no, it's on my side" that was clear.

Him: Oh, okay. I guess I'm just tired [not wrong, mind you, just tired.]

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