Saturday, June 16, 2007

Road Trip!!

It sounds fun when you write it like that, huh? Anyway, I'm here in Utah after a two day trip in the car with two little guys - 6 hours to Tahoe then 12 hours to Salt Lake City, and only about 37 "When are we gonna be there's?" (Note to self and anyone who is listening, do road trips with little kids before plane trips so they don't know what they're missing). My family was a plane trip one, my husband's was all about road trip vacations, and we hope to combine the two without too much whining. Actually, when the two boys were awake and talking to each other without fighting or whining, they are more fun than the radio for sure. Every stop completely refreshed them (the toys and snack didn't hurt) and one took about a four hour nap.

Doubt I'll be posting much as as soon as I got here and started up the computer, my MIL and AIL (aunt in law, is that a term?) kept asking what I was doing, was I working? "She's a blogger now" my husband answered, followed my some snarky comment which I've promptly forgotten. I told them I knew I was a true mommy blogger when I got comments from my husband about being on the computer.

Soon we're off to a phone and internet free weekend at a cabin. Then back here where internet is available, but kids and relatives ain't very supportive of blogging on vacation.


  1. Okay, this is getting odder & odder... are your in-laws from SLC? Because mine are too... Sandy, UT. Please stop living my life. ;) By the way - I think you are very brave to do that drive with the kids. I am planning on flying it in a few months. I don't have the guts.

  2. have a great trip... you know you're doing something right when the fact that you're a "blogger" mystifies and slightly scares your in-laws!

  3. Well, my son has said several times a day we are NEVER driving again. We're off again tomorrow, and maybe this time we'll count the "when are we gonna be there?" and "I want to get out!" comments from the backseat. Brave, stupid, or just cheap?