Friday, June 8, 2007

Just where does it go?

I've got exactly 12 minutes to finish a blog for a Parent Blogging Network contest. It's all about time, something parents always seem to want more of. I admit I'm not the most efficient when it comes to time, and I probably should devote more of mine to sleeping and less to Internet and TV if I want my face to stop sagging, but this post is focused on the "time to get the dang kids ready."

Seriously, they get up at 6am and yet we CANNOT seem to make it out the door before t-15 minutes before school starts (9am if you are counting). Now I don't think the new search blog Light Iris is gonna help me with that issue, although I'm totally betting that I could quickly find some tips on getting the kids ready. I've already started to make sure they pack their little backpacks and lay out their clothes, which has worked for a whole day. I know choices are important for a 3 year old, but man once he gets focused on something, it's like "when I'm finished" or "after I'm done" and now that they are watching movies instead of nice 30 minute Dora episodes (I know, I know) we cannot wait until it's over. So I resort to "I'm turning it off unless you get dressed" followed by "get your shoes on" etc. Given that my kids wear the same size, and we don't have fricken two of everything, we also get the whole "I want to wear that" and "those are my shoes!." My four-year-old has been a total trooper, often letting his rascally little brother have his way.

And don't even get me started on getting them home from preschool or their grandma and grandpas, where the whole shebang starts all over again.


  1. Found your post via Parent Blogger. Totally sympathize. Glad you voted to Keep the Duck". ;-)

  2. Have you tried an egg-timer? I've used it to get D into action. Set the timer for 3 minutes and explain that once the timer goes off, then Mommy get to pick the clothes, get you dressed, whatever is the biggest pain point for you. You can't do it for everything, but it may get them moving.

    I found that it works better if I get D dressed for the day as soon as he gets up. The I don't have to compete with getting him ready and getting me ready.

    I do pack his lunch on school days the night before. We don't bring anything to school on a regular basis, so there aren't backpacks or the like that I have to think about.