Friday, June 29, 2007

10-Minute Writers: What I do...

Crazedparent has another writing exercise, this time on what we do for everyone else. So here we go...

I like to think that the things I do for everyone else are for the most part also for me. I hope that when we volunteer, help out a friend with a new baby or clean the house we get some pleasure or satisfaction or something out of it. For example the biggest thing I would say I do right now is work at a job I don't like so much so that my husband can pursue his dream job. He's building up a business, and has chosen a career that even when successful is not a very high paying job relative to living in the bay area, so I keep my job and really need to keep my income in mind when looking for a new one. but how does that help me? Well, a happier husband, as well as a guy who's always going to get us out there in the grass kicking a ball around (he's a soccer coach). I also take care of the kids most mornings so he can sleep, but again a well-rested husband is nice to be around in the evenings.

What else? I do most of the cooking, and struggle to keep the family healthy and trying new things, which is a challenge with two little kids, completely varied schedules every evening and a somewhat picky husband. I end up doing a lot of grocery shopping after everyone is asleep so I can take a little more time and help put the kids to bed. The other day I had everyone go with me to the grocery store, I'm not sure if that counts but I really wanted them to help pick stuff out and we did okay, even though I ended up sending some tired and cranky kids home with dad while I finished. I really try to volunteer, bringing meals to families with new babies and some mentoring, but that has really tapered off with a more busy life.

Another thing I consider doing for others is listening to my mom. With my dad's retirement super busy and hers not so much, she really wants someone to talk to so I end up listening to some rants, random information and painfully criticism of my life. Sometimes I do need to cut it off when it's too much, but she does watch my kids quite a bit and loves them dearly so it's probably a small price to pay. While day to day it does seem like I do a lot for others, really thinking about it maybe not so much right now, mostly focusing on my family, which is me, isn't it?

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  1. I enjoyed reading your post. You seemed to wrap it up very well. Nice 10 minutes!